About Recognition of Prior Learning

 What is a recognition assessment?

Recognition assessment is a process that allows you to attain a nationally-recognised qualification or statement/s of attainment, based on skills and knowledge gained through previous experience, either formal training or informal (i.e. on the job) learning.

Recognition assessments are sometimes referred to as RPL (recognition of prior learning) assessments or RCC (recognition of current competence) assessments.

 May I apply for recognition assessment for some subjects (Units of Competency), and enrol in training for others?

Yes This combined approach is a great way to formally acknowledge your existing skills and experience (recognition), and update your skills with training where appropriate. Contact Keystone Training if you think a combination of training and recognition assessment is right for you. We can help clarify your choices.

Your Portfolio could consist of the following:

  • Candidate information and professional history
  • Evidence of professional history—e.g. Use our sample template; or provide your Curriculum Vitae;
  • Three written References – e.g. Use our sample template;
  • Certified copies of relevant qualifications and courses completed (if applicable) (JP to sign as true copies); 
    Find a JP
  • Evidence of recent professional development—e.g. description plus (where possible) supporting documents;
  • Evidence of required knowledge—may be provided verbally or in writing. Answer questions from a Question Bank on-line;
  • Evidence of your experience for each of the Units. Note: This will be different for each Qualification and each Unit but examples will be given to you when you enrol and this Evidence may include things like: Provide photos, or Provide samples of a Contract; or Provide a Safety Work Method Statement, or Provide a Quality Management system. As has been said this will depend of the Qualification and the individual Units being assessed.  

 What you need to know about recognition assessments? 

  • Recognition assessments are evidence-based.
  • You must be able to provide evidence of your skills and knowledge for an assessor to deem you ‘competent’.
  • You will be assigned a qualified assessor who will be available to answer questions and support you throughout the recognition process
  • You may be assessed in one of two ways:
    ● Written portfolio only—In this case, compile your portfolio of evidence and submit , or 
    ● Recognition interview—In this case, compile your portfolio of evidence and contact Keystone Training  to arrange a suitable date and time to present your portfolio to your assessor at a recognition interview
  • Enrolling as a recognition candidate doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be successful in your application for recognition. We recommend discussing your options with a Keystone Training representative before enrolling in recognition assessment.

 Assessment Process

The below diagram shows the process for getting your qualification.

RPL Workflow

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