Completing RPL Self Assessment Forms

The self assessment questionnaires help you to decide whether you have the required skills and abilities to meet Australian standards in this industry.

Answering the questions

  • Read each question carefully.
  • Tick the box with the answer that best describes your experience.
  • HAVE YOU performed the task many times? If so, tick the “frequently” box.
  • HAVE YOU performed the task occasionally, or are unsure whether you can demonstrate your competence (skills)? If so, tick the “sometimes” box, and discuss these units with your Assessor
  • HAVE YOU never performed the task? If so, tick the “never” box and do not apply for RPL for these units.

Deciding whether to apply for RPL

  • Use your answers to guide your decision about whether to apply for an assessment of your trade / industry skills.
  • We recommend that you can answer ‘yes’ to each question and can tick a majority of boxes that indicate that you have ‘frequently’ done the work.

RPL assessment can result in you being granted partial or full results in this qualification. Our assessor may find that you have all of the skills and knowledge required to be granted the whole qualification. On the other hand, the assessor may find that you need to do training in one or more units to achieve the whole qualification. If our assessor finds that that you need to undertake training in a large number of units, options for further training will be discussed with you. These options may include enrolling into night time or part time day classes, flexible learning, or an adult apprenticeship.

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