Unique Student Identifier (USI)

The USI or Unique Student Identifier is a new reference number issued to an Australian student, that they will use across all educational and training providers in Australia.

This differs from the past system where each institution would issue students an identifier just for that institution, so a student who studied at multiple institutions would have multiple identifiers.

The Australian Government is requiring all students to register for a USI as a condition on issuing all qualifications from 2015 onwards, so it is expected that all students will have USIs.

USIs are maintained at the website usi.gov.au where students can register to be issued their USI, and view and maintain their record.

Keystone And The USI

Keystone Training can register a USI for students to save you the time doing this yourself. When registering it we use the details provided in your enrollment records, plus identification document details you provide for the registration.

Alternatively if you already have a USI keystone will need to verify the details and associate your USI with your Keystone student record, before being able to issue any new qualifications from the start of 2015 onwards.

For Keystone Training to do this for you an authorisation form needs to be completed, which is available on request.

Keystone Training naturally follows the applicable privacy requirements in these processes. 

More Information

The official site for the USI is usi.gov.au More information on the USI can be found here.

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