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WA Building Commission Requirements For Building Practitioner Registration

Registration as a building practitioner may be necessary for people who intend to bring their building skills and knowledge to a building business. If you intend to be the 'nominated supervisor' of a 'building contractor' you must be registered as a 'building practitioner'.

Builders who do not intend to contract directly with others to provide building work valued at over $20,000 or who will not be seeking building permits from local government permit authorities do not need to be registered.

Applicants for registration as a building practitioner must have particular qualifications and experience and must demonstrate to the Building Services Board that they are fit and proper to be registered. There are five registration pathways called ‘sets’ that empower the Board to register applicants with a variety of qualifications and experience.

Keystone Training offers the qualification to meet the criteria of Set 1 which is as follows:

   Completed the CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction or equivalent qualification and at least seven years of experience in carrying out or supervising building work.    Enrol Now

WA Building Commission Requirements For Painting Practitioner Registration

   Completed the CPC30611 Certificate III in Painting and Decorating. Plus two Management Units of Competency as required by the Building Commission.    Enrol Now

This qualification provides a trade outcome in painting and decorating for residential and commercial construction work. This is the qualification required to become a Registered Painting Practitioner with the Building Commission of Western Australia.

Individuals who do not wish to contract directly with others to provide painting work valued over $1,000 do not need to be registered. However, if you wish to be the 'nominated supervisor' of a 'painting contractor' you must be registered as a 'painting practitioner'.

If you have qualifications and experience that would enable you to obtain registration, but do not necessarily require registration to carry out their work (for example an employee of a painting company or an independent painting inspector) you may choose to apply for registration as a 'painting practitioner'.

A registered painting practitioner permits you to work as a nominated supervisor for a painting contractor.

Note: Individuals, partnerships and companies that wish to contract with others to provide painting services valued over $1,000 must be registered as a 'painting contractor' and demonstrate a financial and organisational capacity. Partnerships and companies will also be required to have at least one nominated supervisor who is a registered 'painting practitioner'.

Nationally Recognised Qualifications

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